I give my time and talents to serve others, so that they may live.

Chief Larry Gillen

Chief Larry Gillen of the Riverton Fire Company is no stranger in Riverton or in surrounding towns. With 18 plus years of service at the fire house he is a leader that all look up to and seek advise. Chief Gillen first was introduced to the fire department years ago in not such a pleasant situation. He had to call the Riverton Fire Company because he had a chimney fire at his house. They arrived and went to work. Larry is not a person that can just stand around and watch so he asked if he could help in any way. They immediately put him to work. The firefighters put out the chimney fire and after picking up they spoke with Larry and explained to him how everyone here is a volunteer and how appreciative they were that he gave them a hand. They also complimented him about how well he worked with others. Larry not realizing at the time that the Fire Department was all volunteer thought to himself, what if nobody volunteers? What would happen if I call, or my neighbor calls and nobody comes? "That would not happen!" said now Chief Gillen.  Larry joined the Riverton Fire Company soon there after.


Riverton Volunteer Fire Company

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Riverton, CT 06065