District Policies

Table of Contents: POLICY MANUAL toc.pdf

District Mission Statement: BFD MISSION STATEMENT 10-1-02.pdf


  1. 1.Organizational Statement  BFD ORGANIZATIONAL STATEMENT 10-1-02.pdf

  2. 2.Membership Application  BFD_Membersapplication.pdf

  3. 3.Medical Policy MEDICAL POLICY 12-28-06.pdf

  4. 4.Bloodborne Pathogens  BFD BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS 4-30-09.pdf

  5. 5.Respiratory Protection  BFD RESPIRATORY PROGRAM 04-30-09.pdf

  6. 6.Hearing Protection  BFD HEARING Policy 04-30-09.pdf


  8. 8.Hazard Communication  BFD HAZARD COMMUNICTIONS PLAN 10-1-02.pdf

  9. 9.Hazard Communication Inventory Form  BFD HAZ COM INVENTORY FORM 11-29-02.pdf

  10. 10.HazMat Check List  BFD HazMat Checklist 10-1-02.pdf

  11. 11.PPE  BFD PPE 04-30-09.pdf

  12. 12.Training Matrix  BFD Training Matrix 092503.pdf

  13. 13.Fire Extinguishers  BFD FIRE EXTINGUISHER 10-1-02.pdf

  14. 14.Confined Space  BFD CONFINED SPACE 12-08-04.pdf

  15. 15.Confined Space Check List

  16. 16.Burning Guidelines  Burning Guidelines 7-30-09.pdf

  17. 17.Purchasing Policy  Purchasing Policy 12-08-04.pdf

  18. 18.Budget Policy  Budget Policy 12-08-04.pdf

  19. 19.Minor Children  BFD Minors in Apparatus 02-09-2005.pdf

  20. 20.Sexual Harassment  BFD Sexual Harassment Policy Final 12-13-06.pdf

  21. 21.Blank

  22. 22.Blank

  23. 23.Emergency Vehicle Response  Emergency Vehicle Response SOG Sept 2005.pdf

  24. 24.Emergency Vehicle Driver Selection  Vehicle Driver Selection SOG Sept 2005.pdf

  25. 25.Safe Positioning of Apparatus  Safe Positioning SOG May 2009.pdf

  26. 26.SCBA  BFD SCBA Policy 10-1-02.pdf

  27. 27.Lock Out Tag Out  BFD LOTO 10-1-02.pdf

  28. 28.Two In- Two Out: BFD 2 in 2 out 10-21-04.pdf

  29. 29.Hose Loading  Hose Loading SOG Sept 2005.pdf

  30. 30.Junior Policy BFD- Juniors Policy 11-11-10.pdf

  31. 31.Member Conduct Code of Conduct.pdf

  32. 32. Accountability SOG Accountability SOG 2015-12-09.pdf

  33. 33. Social Media Policy  Social Media Policy 2015-12-09.pdf